Hilkers Cleaners - Charged Me for Repair When I Only Inquired for Price

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Suspicious, bizarre and untrustworthy.DO NOT GO TO HILKER'S CLEANERS in Raleigh, NC.

I asked for a price check on repairing the zipper of a blouse. The manager said she'd show my blouse to their seamstress and call me back the next day. Not only did she never call me back, but when I went back to the cleaners, the manager claimed that I consented to the repair. When I returned to the cleaners to resolve the issue, the manager still insisted that I agreed to the repair.

I had to show the manager the slip in her handwriting to prove that she agreed to inquire about the price of repairing my clothes. (The slip said, "Ask [about the price of a zipper repair].") At the end of the day, I had to fight to prove I was right AND I still had to pay for the zipper, although at a slightly reduced price, even though I didn't even want the repair. I found the ordeal ridiculous and so suspicious. How bizarre that they charged me for a job that I didn't even want or ask for.

If you do choose to bring your business to Hilker's Cleaners and the manager is named Romy, hang onto your ticket stub.You'll need it.

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